Monday, August 21, 2006

•Please find the time to answer the following question:
(This is a really open exercise and we really encourage you to take it in the direction that you feel comfortable with. Please also feel free to answer the question in any medium or manner that you wish (i.e. text, image, sound etc.)


Note* for those who would rather write about Lebanon itself or a different city or town or village in Lebanon please do so.

We really believe that our testimonies of love for Beirut/Lebanon will be a wonderful way to express our thoughts on what is happening, and let's face it talk of love is generally well received. It may also be a wonderful exercise for us to remain strong united and sane. Please take time and write a few sentences for us or send us your creations we have wonderful plans for all of your thoughts and really think it's a great follow-up to the stickers.

•••••Please Email us your statements at, or post your comments and we will publish them


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