Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why do we love Beirut?
Café Rawda: sit there, stare at the sea, enjoy.

Stefanie most loves what she calles the blue hour: after sunset but before dusk at café Rawda.

Cordelia loves the smell (even if sometimes its hard to stand) and the undescribable atmosphere - attractive, comforting, full of promises. Most of all, I miss the light. It is different from other (european) cities: bright and clear but warm, somehow filled with density. 1 Million call for prayers at the same time in a cacophonie that in itself becomes beauty.

Now, we stop here; otherwise, it won't end.

Stefanie and Cordelia


Blogger jchatila said...

was flattered to read, I grew up at Cafe Rawda, recently I registared a domain name , caferawda.com...website still under construction, last but not least, I am one of the original owners of CafeRawda in Beirut, photos taken recently by me(Nov 2006 will be published on the net or you can visit the flickr.com. key word cafe rawda.

11:36 AM  

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