Thursday, August 10, 2006


De Prague Café (and their wait staff)
Sunrise power walkers at the Sanayeh Garden
The call to prayer in stereo
St Francis' haven garden on Hamra Street
Kittens outside the barber's
The barber's and his usual 15 rowdy men
Sukleen green bins
The fresh air in the morning before the pollution builds up again
The lights
24 hour Barbar
Najjar coffee
The undercover cops on our block
The morning sun on the kitchen balcony
The #12 bus
Balcony gardens
Walking home on cool nights
Silver waves off Corniche al Manara
Kaak bi zaatar outside Fransabank
Veggie burgers at the Hard Rock
The veggie shop on the corner
Late nights and early mornings
The Filipino grocery store
Sa'aa icecream in Najmeh Square
The #24 bus
Houna Holistic Center
The weather
Kababji delivery
The #2 bus
Barbu's lounge in Gemmayzeh
The cinema at ABC Ashrafiyeh
Next 50% sales
Mayflower Happy Hour
Al Medina theatre
The dogs in the Fransabank lot
The shade along the ministry block
The tree at the downtown port traffic lights
Police intervention to potential stalkers
Old stairs
Layers of buildings
The Summer Music Festival
Walking along the Corniche
Walking in the back streets of Raouche
Lectures at AUB
AUB cats
Trying to not break stride on uneven sidewalks
Moving faster on two legs than the traffic
The noise
Bagels at Eurodeli
Garcon, lehsaab please!
Mint lemonade at Al Kahwaa
1970s wallpapered hotels
Pool at the Captain's Cabin
Karaoke in the red light district
Leaving for the trees

adona el-murr


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