Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I love Beirut
I love Beirut … I am wholly and totally in love with this beautiful city …
It is a city that is beautiful in every way.
I love Beirut for its contradictions and its unity,
its simplicity and its glamour,
its noise and its quiet sunrise …

I love Beirut,
and I am sure that anyone who visits this city will feel the same …
You can never pinpoint what it is exactly that makes this city special …
is it its people? its streets? its sea? its loud nights?
You can never tell …
But what no one can ever deny is that there is a certain overwhelming feeling that this city has on its visitors that you never feel elsewhere …

I love the sunset in Beirut,
watching the sun dip into the sea at Raouche is a true experience …
I also love the sunrise in Beirut,
watching the sun rise over the city as we are heading back home from yet another loud night out …
I love the rain in Beirut,
one can almost swear it seeps into your soul and washes you clean …

Beirut is utterly amazing …
many, including myself, argue that it is the city’s beauty that has caused it so much suffering …
and as the famous song by Majida el-Roumi eloquently put it:

Beirut, the Mistress of the World
We confess before the One God
That we were envious of you
That your beauty hurt us
We confess now

Beirut, the Mistress of the World
We confess before the One God
That we were envious of you
That your beauty hurt us
We confess now
That we've maltreated and misunderstood you
And we had no mercy and didn't excuse you
And we offered you a dagger in place of flowers!
We confess before the fair God
That we injured you, alas; we tired you
That we vexed you and made you cry
And we burdened you with our insurrections
O Beirut
The world without you won't suffice us
We now realize your roots are deep inside us,
We now realize what offence we've perpetrated
Rise from under the rubble
Like a flower of Almond in April
Get over your sorrow
Since revolution grows in the wounds of grief
Rise in honor of the forests,
Rise in honor of the rivers
Rise in honor of humankind
Rise, O Beirut!
Whenever I say repentance, destinies give up on me
I miss his black eyes and melt of longing.
He is away and the nights never leave me alone;
And I lost the eyelash which used to hurt me; why should I care?
O eyelashes that kill and hurt
O eyes that sleep and wander
I would give u my whole life if you would give me happiness.
Songs withered in the green heart
And as long as you are away, it can't drink from another sea.

By: Alia Bader

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the corner of 23rd and 2nd Ave. New York, NY., 08/06

Monday, September 04, 2006

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